Bernard S. Donefer

Distinguished Lecturer
Department of Information Systems and Statistics

Associate Director

Subotnick Financial Services Center
Wasserman Trading Floor

One Bernard Baruch Way
151 East 25th Street
Box H-125
New York, NY 10010-5585

Bernard S. Donefer

Prof. Donefer is on leave through January 2018 and can be reached via email at Prof. Donefer.
All matters regarding the Wasserman Trading Floor / Subotnick Center should be addressed via email to its new Director Prof. Trevor Moores or 646 312-3360.  

Biographical Information

Bernard Donefer's lengthy career in the financial services industry included work with banks, securities firms and exchanges in the US, Europe and Asia where he held senior management positions including the presidency of two international financial software firms. He is a Distinguished Lecturer at the Zicklin Business School at Baruch College, CUNY and Associate Director of its Subotnick Financial Services Center, Wasserman Trading Floor. He is also Adjunct Associate Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business. He holds an MBA in Finance from Stern.

At Baruch since January 2003, Prof Donefer teaches IT in Financial Markets and Risk Management Systems in the Zicklin graduate program. At the Subotnick Center, he teaches workshops on options, futures, FX and technical analysis, using the data and analytics facilities of its Wasserman Trading Floor. Prof. Donefer was the faculty advisor to the RentBid project, which won the Baruch Entrepreneurial and the NYC Microsoft Imagine Cup competitions. At Stern's Graduate Business School since 2003, he teaches Financial Information Systems and Risk Management Systems.

Previously, SVP and head of Capital Markets Systems at Fidelity Investments in Boston, he implemented one of the industry's first paperless equity trading environments. He was also responsible for their algorithmic trading, fixed-income, foreign exchange, market making and mid-office systems, client and marketplace connectivity and their proprietary real time VaR based credit and market risk management system.

Prior positions included EVP/CIO of Dai Ichi Kangyo Bank (now Mizuho) where he was responsible for their operational recovery after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and presidencies of both Bankers Trust Financial Services Information Systems and CAP Information Systems, international software and services businesses.

Prof. Donefer is principal of Conatum Consulting LLC, teaching "Risk Management for Non-Quants", "Capital Markets Bootcamp" and the "New Equity Markets" at public seminars and to corporate clients such as the SEC, FRB, DTCC, IIROC, OCC, Alliance Bernstein, Getco, ITG, the Harvard Management Co., et al. in the US, Canada and Europe.

Serving as an expert witness in financial services practices, software patents and fraud cases, he testified in federal court, SEC hearings and FINRA arbitrations.

He volunteered with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) in development and training. He has acted as a volunteer advisor or board member to St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble, Boston's Artists for Humanity, Poets in the Schools, Volunteers for the Arts and the Volunteer Urban Consulting Group.

A frequent industry commentator, Prof. Donefer chaired and moderated panels at fintech, algo, HFT and hedge fund conferences on the challenges, risks and opportunities of electronic trading in global markets. He has spoken at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC, the NY Bar Association, SIAA/FISD, TradeTech, et al. and quoted in the national and international press.

Academic Appointments

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, NYU Stern Graduate School of Business
  • Previously, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Fordham University Graduate School of Business

Research Interests

  • Risk management
  • Market microstructure
  • Trading systems - algorithmic, high frequency, alternative trading systems, order management, etc.

Published Essays

Courses Taught

  • CIS 9555 IT in Financial Markets. Syllabus
  • CIS 9556 Risk Management Systems. Syllabus

Reading List

I am often asked about further readings and useful websites for my courses. Here is a personal list of suggestions: Readings and Websites.

Recent Press Citations and Public Appearances

Prof. Donefer has been quoted in New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology Review, The Atlantic Magazine, BBC World Service, Australian Public Radio, Securities Industry News, Reuters, Guardian UK, Advanced Trader, Wall Street and Technology, Wall Street Letter and Nikkei Shimbun Japan, et al.




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  • "Capital Markets Trading Activity in the Cloud Technology Age and Cloud Centric Applications in Data Centers", Panel Moderator, HPC for Wall Street, 2015


  • "Market Surveillance in the Modern Era - Tools, Technologies and Trends to Effectively Monitor Trading Activity", Panel Moderator, Waters USA, 2014, NYC
  • "Time Is Money - Latency Arbitrage", NYSE Ops Breakfast, New York Stock Exchange, 2014, NYC
  • "10 Fallacies of Enterprise Risk Management", Council on Corporate Compliance and Ethics, The Conference Board, 2014, NYC
  • "TradeTech 2014 Buy Side Summit", Chairman, 2014, NYC
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  • "Developing Your Flexible & Dependable OMS/EMS Strategy", Panel Moderator, TradeTech, 2013, NYC.


  • "Portfolio Asset Allocation and Downside Risk Management", Panel Moderator, 2012 Investment Leadership Forum, 2012, NYC.
  • "When Big Data Gets Fast, Realtime Business Cases", Invited Speaker, Orange Institute -- Feedback Economy and Realtime Society, 2012, NYC.
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  • "OMS Comparative Analysis: Different Approaches For Out-Of-The-Box and Proprietary Systems",Panel Moderator, TradeTech, 2012, NYC.
  • "Operational Risk", Panelist, Conference on Post Crisis Risk Management, Fordham University, 2012, NYC.

Earlier Press Citations




Earlier Speaking Engagements

  • "There Is No Such Thing As HFT", Keynote, Financial Information Services Division, Software & Information Industry Association, General Meeting, 2011, NYC.
  • "What are the key conditions that foster HFT growth in the options and futures markets?", Panelist, High Frequency Trading World New York, 2011.
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  • "Home is Where the Credit Crisis Is", invited speaker, Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys, 2009, NYC.
  • "Capital Markets BootCampsm", SEO NYC and Corporate Clients in NYC, Boston, LA and Madrid.
  • "Risk Management for Non-Quantssm", Instructor for 2-day seminars in NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Oxford, UK, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Boston
  • "Credit Default SWAPS and AIG", invited speaker, Financial Executives International, 2010, NYC.
  • "International and Alternative Trading Opportunities", Track Chairman, TradeTech USA 2009, NYC.
  • "Using the Latest Trading Strategies and Tools in Emerging Markets to Amplify Returns on Your Desk", Moderator, TradeTech USA 2009, NYC.