Gruber’s background

Post-Doc Molecular Biology,

               Brown University, Division of

                Biology and Medicine

Ph.D.       Biological Oceanography,

                Rutgers University, Institute of

                Marine and Coastal Sciences

M.S.        Journalism, Columbia


M.E.M.     Environmental Management,

                Duke University


David Gruber

Dept. of Natural Sciences, Box A-0506

17 Lexington Ave

New York, NY 10010

Tel: (646) 660-6236

Fax: (646) 660-6201

The interests of the Laboratory include:

  1. 1.Coral reef ecology, with an emphasis on the mesophotic coral reefs and fluorescent proteins.

  2. 2.Marine microbial ecology in relation to biogeochemical cycling.

  3. 3.Identifying and developing novel compounds from marine and reef organisms.

Current Laboratory Members

Senior Research Scientists

Regina R. Monaco

Computational Chemistry (CUNY)

Rena Quinlan

Molecular Biology/Plant Biology (CUNY)

Graduate Student

Shaadi F. Pooyaei Mehr

Molecular Evolution/Fluorescent Proteins (CUNY/AMNH)

Aida Verdes

Ecology and Evolution (CUNY)

Research Assistants

Matthew Labunka

Molecular Evolution/Fluorescent Proteins (CUNY/AMNH)

Jimena Salas

Microbiology (CUNY)