Current Projects
“Development of a Remote Operated Vehicle for Studies of Deep Coral Reef Biology.” The Laboratory is engineering a remotely operated submersible custom-designed to research deep coral reefs.

Summer 2014 Exosuit Expedition

Summer 2013 American Museum of Natural History Explore 21 Expedition.

Summer 2012 National Geographic Society/Waitt Foundation Expedition

5-Year/$5M Pulley Ridge Deep Mesophotic Coral Ecosystem Expedition

Communicating Science

Luminescent Labs - A team of explorers who use science, technology, and art to understand and protect nature's living light—and unlock its potential for biomedical research.
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“The Hidden Fluorescent World of Coral Reefs,” an NSF-funded science communication project, premiered at the American Museum of Natural History from March 31, 2012 through January 6, 2013  Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence. 
It was on display at the Field Museum from March 7, 2013 to January 5, 2014 and it now at the Canadian Museum of Natural History.  

 National Geographic: Sharks Light up in Neon Colors 
 National Geographic NewsWatch: “Love and War: The Essence of Luminosity”
 LiveScience: “What Glows Beneath: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Unseen”
 New Scientist: “Luminous Life on Show

New York Times  - Scientist at Work

Research Opportunities

There are currently research positions funded by the National Science Foundation available for both undergraduate and graduate students. These include projects related to fluorescent protein research and deep coral reef biology using technical SCUBA and remotely operated vehicles. Postdoctoral funding is also available.

Prospective graduate students are admitted to the CUNY Graduate Center, and should apply through the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior subprogram (under the Ph.D. Program in Biology). CUNY offers a 5-year support package for Ph.D. students in the sciences, including health benefits and a yearly stipend.

Undergraduate and graduate internship opportunities also exist with the Yale University Integrated Graduate Program in Physical and Engineering Biology.

Undergraduates can take part in Baruch’s Jan. 2015 Winter Session Field Class: ENV 3015, “Tropical Reef Biology,” on Little Cayman Island. Additional information through Baruch’s Study Abroad.