Becoming Judy Chicago

Biography in Progress: Gail Levin Interviewing

Photographed by John Babcock Van Sickle
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"a microscopically detailed and fluently psychological chronicle of the making of this uncommon artist"
The Chicago Tribune [click to read]

"a work of large scope and wide research"       
NYTimes Book Review  [click to read]

...accomplished biography of an iconic, yet polarizing figure..The Houston Chronicle

"A very impressive book ... major publisher" Leonard Lopate
His interview with Judy Chicago on NPR

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Jewish Week

Booklist (07-02-15 )Judith Cohen, born in Chicago in 1939 to radical activists, legally changed her name to Judy Chicago in 1970 to liberate herself from the conventions of "male dominance" and to celebrate her female identity. This metamorphosis initiated her controversial and profoundly influential feminist art. Levin, author of a groundbreaking Edward Hopper biography, tells Chicago's complex, galvanizing story in conscientious detail without losing narrative drive, providing fresh and invaluable insights into the intense emotional, aesthetic, and political brouhaha provoked by Chicago's female genitalia imagery, grand collaborative projects elevating such traditional women's crafts as china painting and embroidery to fine-art status, and unabashed conviction that art has a moral imperative. Ambitious, outspoken, multitalented, and relentlessly hardworking, Chicago-author of two inspiring memoirs and the veteran of numerous painful relationships complicated by her artistic commitment and reformer's zeal-has had an enormous impact on art and society. Chicago 's most infamous work, The Dinner Party ,finally has a permanent home at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Levin's passionately researched, thoroughly analyzed, and deeply moving portrait-in-full presents Chicago as a courageous, tough, and innovative artist who, as catalyst and lightning rod, has illuminated the human condition.

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