About Me

I'm an Asst. Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the City University of New York, Baruch College. I regularly teach classes in ethical theory, moral psychology, Chinese philosophy, philosophy of religion, and experimental philosophy. I am a faculty advisor to the Metro Experimental Research Group, co-chair of the Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy, Secretary-Treasurer of the International Soceity for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy, and Core Project Member of the Oneness in Philosophy and Psychology project.

Most of my research is in moral psychology, broadly construed. I am a methodological pluralist, and use resources from other relevant disciplines to inform my work, such as evolutionary biology and experimental psychology. I also work in comparative Chinese-Western philosophy and on problems in the history of Chinese philosophy, especially the classical period (ca. 6th to 2nd century BCE).

Before coming to Baruch, I completed an M.A thesis in Chinese intellectual history in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto, and later a Ph.D. in the Department of Philosophy at Duke University.

On this site you'll find some of my papers, descriptions of my research, my recent and forthcoming talks, some NBA basketball links, and some other things to boot. These links can all be found in the nine boxes immediately to the left of this paragraph.

Note: This website contains Chinese text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Chinese characters.