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John V. Maciuika specializes in the history of modern architecture and design. He teaches courses in the history of art, architecture, urbanism, the decorative arts, and design at the City University of New York's Baruch College and at the CUNY Graduate Center. His research interests include the relationship between architecture and cultural identity; shifting narratives of the "modern" over time in architecture and design; the sociology of the design professions; and the cultural politics of architecture in particular national settings.Professor Maciuika is currently serving as the alumni president of the American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation ; president of the New York Metropolitan Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians; and as a book review editor for modern architecture for the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians . In 2009-2010 Professor Maciuika is scheduled to deliver guest lectures in Berlin, Germany, and Krakow, Poland.
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Recent Courses:

CUNY/Baruch College and
CUNY Graduate Center (2005-present):

  • Art 75600, Graduate Lecture Course: "A Survey of 20th-Century Modern Architecture, Urbanism, and Design, 1890-Present"
    Course Materials
  • Art 86030, Graduate Seminar: "Layering Architecture: The Modern City as Palimpsest " (2007)
  • Art 3040: The Architecture and Design of Great World Cities (2006)
  • Art 86030, Graduate Seminar: "Modernism and Globalization: A Thematic Survey of Twentieth-Century Architecture, Design, and Urbanism" (2006)
  • Art 3040: "A Historical Survey of Modern Architecture "(2005)
  • Art 1011: "A Global Survey of Art History from the Neolithic Era to the Middle Ages " (2006, 2007)
  • Art 1012: "A Global Survey of Art History from the Renaissance to the Present " (2005, 2007)
  • Other Courses:

    Department of Architectural History, University of Virginia School of Architecture (1999-2005):

  • Architectural History 952, Graduate Seminar: “LeCorbusier’s Children: The Career and Legacy of a Twentieth-Century Architect”
  • Architectural History 303/503: "A Survey of Modern Architectural History, 1800 -- Present”
  • Architectural History 761, Graduate Seminar: “Berlin: An Architectural and Urban History”
  • Architectural History 700, Graduate Seminar: “Theories and Methods of Architectural History”
  • Architectural History 761, Graduate Seminar: “The Bauhaus And The Twentieth-Century Modern Movement”
  • Education:

    Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, History of Architecture (1998)

    B.A., University of Pennsylvania, European History (1987)
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    Grants, Fellowships & Awards:

    CUNY Collaborative Incentive Research Grant (2007-08)

    CUNY Research Grant and Baruch College Instructional Technologies Grant (2006-07)

    Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts (2003-04)

    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Faculty Research Fellowship (2001-02), Berlin, Germany

    German Studies Association of North America/DAAD, Outstanding Research Article Prize for “Art in the Age of Government Intervention: Hermann Muthesius, Sachlichkeit, and the State, 1897-1907” (2000)

    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Bundeskanzler Fellowship , Berlin, Germany (1998-99)
    Research Interests:

  • History of Modern Architecture, Art, and Design
  • Architecture and Cultural Identity in Central Europe (esp. Germany, Austria, the Baltic States, and the former Soviet Union)
  • Modern German History
  • "Local Modernities" i.e., The Impact of Particular Political, Economic, and Social Conditions on Architecture and the Design Fields
  • Architecture and the Digital Humanities
  • Contributing editor for Architecture and Urbanism for the web-based research platform, Hypermedia Berlin. Hypermedia Berlin, originated by Professor Todd Presner at UCLA, is an interactive, multi-institutional, web-based research platform and collaborative authoring environment for analyzing the cultural, architectural, and urban history of Berlin. The intuitive interface is being refined to allow users to contribute scholarly content as well as search for digital assets (text, image, audio, video files and multimedia items) by temporal and geographic coordinates. Currently available as an interlinked set of 50 detailed, fully navigable maps covering 800 years of Berlin's history, Hypermedia Berlin is developing two additional features: a searchable database of Berlin’s urban, architectural, and cultural history, a Google Maps interface augmented by software developed by the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities. Hypermedia Berlin is setting out to provide collaborative answers to a set of particularly compelling questions facing scholars today, namely: What forms of innovative scholarship and teaching will develop with the aid of digital tools in the twenty-first century? How will academic work be created, disseminated, and preserved in our age of new media? And, finally, what kind of challenges will face the scholarly community and what new venues for publication will be opened up? Visit
  • Publications:

    Books and Book Chapters:
    Before the Bauhaus: Architecture, Politics and the German State 1890 - 1920 . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005. 386 pp.; 129 illustrations; 2 appendices. Available in paperback as of May 2008; Japanese transration available 2009.

    2006, University of Minnesota Press: "Wilhelmine Precedents to the Bauhaus: Hermann Muthesius, the Prussian State, and the German Werkbund." Chapter One in Kathleen James-Chakraborty, ed., Bauhaus Culture: From Weimar to the Cold War, pp. 1-25.
    Journal Articles:
    Links to Published Articles:
  • “The Production and Display of the Domestic Interior in Wilhelmine Germany, 1900-1914.”German History 25(2007):490-516. Special issue titled “ Modernity Begins at Home: Consumption, Tecnology and Modernity, ” edited by Jenifer Jenkins (University of Toronto).
  • “'Sachlicher, wirtschaftlicher, zweckmässiger:' 100 Jahre 'Lehrwerkstätten-Erlass' vom Preussischen Ministerium für Handel und Gewerbe” [“’More Objective, More Economical, and More Purposeful:" The 100 Year Anniversary of the Prussian Ministry of Commerce and Industry" 'Instructional Workshops Decree'“], Scholion 4 (2006 [Zürich]): 120-31.
  • “Werkbundpolitik and Weltpolitik: The German State" Interest in Global Commerce and ‘Good Design,"1912-1914.” German Politics and Society 23 (Spring 2005): 102-27.
  • “Baltic Shores, Western Winds: Lithuanian Architects and the Subversion of the Soviet Norm.” Centropa: A Journal of Central European Architecture and the Related Arts 1 Nr. 2 (May 2001): 108-116.
  • "Adolf Loos And The Aphoristic Style: Rhetorical Practice in Early Twentieth-Century Design Criticism" Design Issues 16 Nr. 2 (Summer 2000): 75-86.
  • “East Bloc, West View: Architecture and Lithuanian National Identity.”Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review 11 Nr. 1 (1999): 23-35.
  • “Art in the Age of Government Intervention: Hermann Muthesius, Sachlichkeit, and the State, 1897-1907.” German Studies Review 21 Nr. 2 (May 1998): 285-308.

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