QuickTime plug-in and Active X CHECK

Before attempting to view the movies, print print this page and follow these instructions.

  1. OPEN your browser and go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/qtcheck/index.html

  2. Click the "refresh" or "reload" button in your browser.
  3. If you see then you're ready to proceed to the "streaming check" just below the picture of the broken filmstrip icon, also on the left hand side of this page from Apple's site. By selecting this link, a test will be done to see if you can view streaming content behind a firewall. Upon completion, close this window, as you're all set.

  4. If you see , QuickTime is not installed completely. Internet Explorer users may see this broken icon because they are missing an Active X plugin and they should select "yes" when a "Security Warning" dialog box appears prompting them to download this plugin. After selecting yes, the plugin will automatically install. Click refresh again and if the problem was the missing plugin, you'll see the blue QuickTime Q and you're ready the watch the movies.
    If you still see or if you see a dialog box stating that QuickTime is Unavailable and it asks you if you would like to install it, close this window (from Apple's site), and proceed to step 5. DO NOT select YES at this point.

  5. Click on the links QuickTimeInstaller.exe and QuickTimeInstallCache.qdat to download the files to your desktop. Now exit all programs and then double click the diamond shaped icon to begin the installation process.

    Choose the Minimum Installation type when asked. Leave the registration fields empty and continue. Eventually a setup assistant will appear and you'll be asked about the QuickTime settings you would like to employ but generally you'll pick the defaults. For example, for Mime settings, simply choose "next." Probably the most important action you will take here occurs when you see the File Type Associations screen. Leave the Macintosh file types box checked (and the two others unchecked) BUT CHECK THE "NOTIFY ME IF OTHER APPLICATIONS MODIFY THESE VIEWER ASSOCIATIONS."

    Click finish and uncheck the two boxes in the new window and choose "close."

    Now close the Quicktime and the Quicktime installer windows, relauch your browser, follow the directions starting with step 1 and you're done.

    Important note about file type associations. The reason you want to be notified is that both RealPlayer and MediaPlayer will attempt to take over the playing of QuickTime movies, even though they can't actually play this file format. Because of this, you will frequently see, when you visit a website that's using QuickTime, the dialog box

    Click Yes to ensure that you can see the QuickTime movies.