Bloomberg Business News 

This website provides sampling  financial reporting, market information and  some other updated market data. CNN Finance

Featuring financial news and markets and other news in the world of Finance. 
Investment FAQ


It contains information on frequently asked financial questions and general financial terms. Yardeni's Economics Network

Some economic forecasts and analysis information.
Yale Macro-Economic FAIRMODEL

This website contains on-line working model of the U.S. economy and economic analysis for researchers, students, and educators. Michigan RSQE Forecasts

Financial forecasts made by the University of Michigan based on seminars of Quantitative Economics.
Economic Analysis from Morgan Stanley

Contains information on economic and investment bank's analysis and predictions and forecasting.  Biz Miner Viewers can obtain free business reports from this website, which also provides customized  business and economic analysis.
Resources for Economists List of links to governmental and other sources about economic information Yahoo finance Featuring financial information and business news

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Microsoft Investor

This is a free investor information page, containing all businesses that has relations to the company. New York Stock Exchange

Primary U.S. stock market.  Information on the stocks that are sold, are available in this website.
Bonds Online

Explanations and market data on U.S. Treasuries and other bonds information. NASDAQ

Contains information on the U.S. stock exchange.

this website provides for-a-fee services in providing portfolio information. Chicago Mercantile Exchange

this is an international marketplace for future exchanges where buyers and sellers do online trading through the use of GLOBEX® electronic trading system.
Wall Street Net

Search site  on U.S. equity and international bond info.  Yardeni/Greenspan Stock Valuation Method

This is an economic network site that provides stock market online chat rooms. It also provides overview of model that measures whether general market is overvalued or undervalued.

Schwab's company research information on electronic trading. Money Favorites: Top Websites for Financial Information on the Net

A short list of investment research-related websites.
The Motley Fool

Good website for new investors, analyses of investing strategies and daily news on markets. Fitch-IBCA Ratings

Free info on credit-research reports, commentaries and rating information.
Data Broadcasting Corp. Online

Info on stock charts, quotes and news from markets focused editorial staff. SEC EDGAR Database 

A reliable sources of company information on all SEC registered, domestic companies.
Fidelity Investments: Research

Fidelity Investments website, providing information on a number of fidelity and others. Ibbotson Research

One of the most reliable sources on the financial markets. 
Recommendations /Corporate information on Individual Companies Free information from Zacks, which  offers company reports for a number of U.S. companies Yield curve Information on treasury yields and plot of the treasury yield curve
Quicken Information on stock fundamentals

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Lectures, by Professor Damodaran, from the Stern School of Business: Changing Patterns in Business Financing


An article by Professor Tim Opler of Ohio State University on the changing issues related to corporate financing decisions (debt vs. equity) through time.
Capital Budgeting: Real Options Approach A useful method of evaluating investment proposals, especially on natural resources. CSUF Pollak library Finance web resources
Harcourt College Publishers Useful finance links, contains business news and prominent magazine links. Accounting reports and corporate information is also available. Ohio State finance site This site contains journals, working papers, etc, that helps to learn about financial ideas.
Thomson South-Western Finance web links that contain useful teaching tools for finance.

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Global Markets Information available on a number of global markets, international news and other data available on international stock markets. ING Euro desk Extensive Q&A on the Euro.
Spot & Forward Currency Rates  Current exchange rates. Currencies of the World Current information on the world's currencies (exchange rates, currency symbols).
The World Bank Provides world development assistance, such as monetary assistance to many countries with developing economies.  Bloomberg: World Equity Markets Real-time world equity market update from Bloomberg, such as world Indices, stock quotes and indexes.
The Emerging Markets Companion Current information on the emerging markets, including both news and price  information. Brady Bond Rates Current prices available for the Brady Bond debt market (a type of emerging market debt).
CNN:  World Markets Daily performance from a number of the major world capital markets provided by CNN Money. Bloomberg: World Government Interest Rates Real-time world interest rate update from Bloomberg, such as U.S. Government bonds.
Treasury Management International Contains articles for international treasurers, on topics such as the Euro and foreign exchange management. International Treasurer Articles on current issues in international financial management.
Corporate governance An independent non-profit commentary on Hong Kong's corporate and economic governance Hong Kong financial market Providing information on exchange rates, lending rates, inflation rates, and stock market capitalization
IRASIA Annual reports and financial information EIRC SFC investor resources center
HSI Services Providing information on the Hang Seng Index E_finet News and financial information on Hong Kong listed firms 
HK Exchange & Clearing Hong Kong financial market information Quamnet Financial news and market information on Asian firms
Hoovers online Comprehensive coverage including more than 12 million global public and private companies and more than 300 industries CES Ifo This site contains free information about economic policies and various economic institutions. Reports on international economics is also available. 

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Financial Times Daily financial newspaper, focusing on  international investment, corporate, and banking issues. Euromoney Excellent articles on up-to-date topics on data and analysis on money markets and global capital.
The Economist A weekly magazine on the international economy.  This is a good source for more in-depth analysis of current political, business and financial issues. Interactive Wall Street Journal This is the most prominent U.S. financial newspaper, focusing on the financial markets.
Fortune Providing information on corporate finance, also good analysis of the corporation's performances. Barron's This weekly newspaper is loaded with info on  the major markets and market analysis.
Bloomberg Personal Financial information on money and markets, on stocks, currencies, mutual funds, portfolio, banking and loans, etc. Business Week A weekly magazine on corporate finance and general economic info on investments, market, and careers.
Working papers in Finance and Economics Social Science Research Network (SSRN) site,  containing in-depth analysis of investment issues. The working papers are still on-going projects for some educators from various universities in the U.S. Forbes A corporate finance focused magazine that offers  corporations' market analysis and other financial information.
U.S.A. Today USA Today covers the national news, also on money and markets. Affordable Housing Finance Provides information on topics such as permanent loans, construction loans, or equity investment for housing sponsors.
Affordable Housing Report & Apartment News Provides housing reports on ownership, management, and many more on the affordable housing. Tax Credit Advisor Info on tax credit news and reports for federal low income housing tax credit program.
Capital Sources for Real Estate Contains articles on compliance issues, and reports on trading debt/equity for capital investors and/or developers. Commercial Mortgage Alert Info on various mortgages, and other elements in the commercial marketplace.
Commercial Mortgage Insight Journal about commercial mortgage finance, intended to provide readers with monthly review on mortgages or market news, and other trends as well. Global Real Estate Now Info on the latest on tax issues, IT related, trends on banking and other areas as well.
Institutional Real Estate Newsline (IREN) This is a site that provides weekly newsletters about real estate related issues, such as REIT, property, acquisition reports, etc. Korpacz Real Estate Investor Survey Quarterly publication for real estate investments. Info included are IRRs, OARs, various change rates, etc.
Mortgage and Real Estate Executive's Report An online newsletter that provides info on financing, insurance, rent, and tax issues. Real Estate Finance & Investment Contains current strategies and future plans for pension funds and investments. Some info on capital markets transactions and  reorganizations.
Real Estate Finance Today This is an online newspaper of Mortgage Bankers Association of America (MBAA), contains info on current financial and legal issues. Realty Stock Review Contains market analysis, and other info on REIT, MLP and other real estate related info.
Environment Reporter Contains reports on environmental related issues such as pollution control and environment management control. Real Estate or
Environmental Liability news
Info on environmental legal issues and regulations.
Builder The official publication of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Commercial Property News and Real Estate Strategies Info on commercial property news and development, featuring info and trends for real estate decision making.
Housing Affairs Letter Displays progress of housing related legislation. Also contain info on trends and statistics on the market and mortgage rate. Housing and Development Reporter Info on legislation and trends on housing industry.
Inside Housing This is a monthly magazine for home building industry. National Real Estate Investor An NMHC sponsored real estate publication, which includes regularly updated column for multifamily housing issues.
Professional Builder The online magazine of housing and light construction. Property Magazine Covers many aspects of property-linked stocks market opportunities.
Real Estate Alert Updated online publication for real estate investment opportunities, properties, and mortgage portfolios. Real Estate Forum A prominent magazine for real estate investment, development, financing, and brokerage.
Real Estate Investor's Monthly An online forum that displays info on fair housing, environmental issues,  Real Estate On-Line Online reports for real estate areas such as tax, accounting, consulting, etc.
REIT Street Online magazine that includes extensive info for real estate investment trust industry. Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report Reports on government congressional activity on economics & finance, govt & commerce, and social policy.
Urban Land Presents info on land use and on development professionals. Displays extensive info on development issues and solutions on land use problems. American Demographics Updated online magazine on demographic and consumer trends.
Danter Report Displays info on market trends, statistical data, and some advise on how to promote properties to others. Housing Economics Online newsletter provides statistical analyses on housing industry, financing surveys, permit activity and employment rates.
National Real Estate Index Provides reports and services in benchmark property prices, and rents.  US Apartment Market Report Online report on apartment market, market conditions for multifamily rentals, in the metro and in other US region.
US Housing Market Conditions An online publication by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's office of Policy Development and Research. US Housing Markets A publication on housing trends for 75 metropolitan area, usually published about 8 times per year. It contains narrative and statistical research on various housing trends.

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GOVERNMENTAL RESOURCES Economic Time Series Page Time series and charts of economic data compiled from various official sources. Securities and Exchange Commission This is SEC's  website (EDGAR), allowing companies to download filings & forms online.
Department of Treasury The department of the treasury provides financial support for the U.S. government, as well as other federal functions. National Association of Securities Dealers The NASD's main concern is to ensure that anyone who is currently active in the financial practices, to follow an ethical and legal course of action.
Internal Revenue Service Provides tax publication on the internet, and other tax-related info.  Commodities and Futures Trading Commission Its main purpose is to inform futures and commodities markets in the U.S. of the risks in transactions.
NBER Online Data Information on the macro-economy.  The NBER database is adequately reliable for macro-economic indicators. U.S. Senate Information on senators and their office. Also information on legislative activities, and committee hearing schedule.
Census Bureau


United States Department for Commerce - provides quality data about the people and economy of the United States.  Government Links Directory Website providing links to government servers and extensive information on US Senate site. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Searchable site of The Bureau of Labor Statistics on the labor economics and statistics. GSA Buying and Selling Information


Office of Property Disposal page. It manages  federal property sales and other property disposals.

 Bureau of Economic Analysis

BEA site, providing the most accurate and relevant GDP and economic accounts data.  Historic Preservation Council


Independent Federal agency that provides a forum for influencing Federal activities, programs, and policies as they affect historic resources.

Bureau of Land Management

This is an FTP site for Bureau of Land Management.   Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division 


This is US Census Bureau Housing and Household Economic Statistics list of links.

Environmental Protection Agency

EPA's site contains information on existing environmental laws. Housing and Urban Development


This is homes and communities site, containing information about buying, renting, and other community-related data.

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae site provides information on financial products and services for home buyers. HUD Consolidated Plans By State


This is an archived consolidated plan executive list of summaries from HUD websites. 

FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

FDIC site contains information about deposit insurance, regulations and examination, bank data, and other consumer related info.  HUD Community Plans


This HUD site contains information on community connections, serves as the information center of the US Department of Housing and community planning and development. 

Federal Reserve Banks

This is a link to the twelve Federal Reserve US banks.  The White House


The official website of the White House.

Federal Tax Statistics

The Statistics of Income (SOI) program website, contains  produced data files compiled from tax and information returns filed with the IRS.  Statistical Abstract of the US


Statistical abstracts of the United States, contains a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States. 

Freddie Mac
(Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.)


A Shareholder-owned corporation site, contains information on single-family or multifamily mortgage or loan information, mortgage and debt securities.

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Baruch College Library Links

S&P's NetAdvantage Database containing industry surveys and investment reviews  Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Providing full text company news and financial information

Housing Price Trends

Single Family Home Sales (Existing) Monthly data for the U.S. and regions Housing Affordability Index (also for first-time buysers) Monthly and quarterly data
Metropolitan Area Prices for Home Sales
US. Regions/Metropolitan Areas Condos and Co-ops Include volume and price
2002 House Price Index Reports  Released by OFHEO Housing Market Forecast
(For the years from 2001 to 2003)
Housing market forecast for the U.S. market from 2001 to 2003.  During 2001, the average single-family home appreciated 7.8 percent in value and, over the past five years, home values have gone up 37.3 percent on average.
Industry & Housing Data: Key Mortgage Statistics Data on impact of interest rates, mortgage originations, subprime lending activity, etc. Industry & Housing Data: Key Housing Statistics Statistics regarding new and existing home sales, prices of homes, etc.
Industry & Housing Data: Housing Demand Factor Data on homeownership by state, race and ethnicity. Economic & Housing Research Includes links to "Cash-Out Refinancing Activity," "Conventional Mortgage Home Price Index," "Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Annual Survey," and "Monthly Refinance & ARM Shares"

Mortgage and Financial Calculators

Mortgage Calculator and Financial Calculators The resource features over 100 financial calculators    

Best of the Web - Investing

Investing Helpful resource (directory of links) for researching investing on internet    

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