Scientific Theory and Social Construction

Education is improved by showing the connections that help students to interrelate knowledge in various fields rather than to store it in separate mental compartments. The subject--Darwin and Darwinism--has broad and deep effects in the several disciplines of the arts and humanities and in contemporary culture, and it presents an opportunity to improve the science literacy of future business people, educators, and citizens. The original program that supported this initiative at Baruch College, "Leadership Opportunity in Science and Humanities Education," was sponsored by three agencies: the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education, and the National Science Foundation. (Grant # EW 20113-93)
[Charles Darwin]
Detail of watercolor by George Richmond, 1840. Darwin Museum at
Down House


Participants in the Darwin and Darwinism Seminar with links to comments on curricular implementation and to articles in fields of expertise

Faculty Seminar topics, speakers, and suggested readings in arts, sciences, and business disciplines

Resource persons available to assist students in research on Darwin and Darwinism

Darwin biography:

A developing biography and resource that will grow as requests for information and explanation are received

Preparation for biography pages: The photoexpedition to England

CUNY Faculty Development Colloquium:

Darwin and Darwinism: Cross-Disciplinary Exploration of Learning

Courses Offered:

Feit Seminar: "Darwin and Darwinism: Scientific Theory and Social Construct"

Feit Seminar: "Darwinism: Its Uses and Abuses"

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