Bibliography of Darwin Sources

Some of the books on evolution that I have enjoyed are not cited directly in these web pages. Williams (1978) is full of pictures that give one a feel for the look of science in the 19th Century. Key excerpts from primary sources of Darwin's writing (including the notebooks), together with insightful comments, make Glick and Kohn's book (1996) an indispensable resource. The Lightbinders (1997) Darwin CD-ROM contains the complete texts and illustrations of many of Darwin's works together with essays and supporting materials. Mayr (numerous works) and Bowler (1990 & 1993) are excellent sources of information about Darwin and biology; Desmond (1989) approached the subject from a political point of view. Depew and Weber (1995) clearly described and analyzed the context for the development of Darwin's theory of evolution and for subsequent interpretations of the theory. Not cited are the many essays by Stephen Jay Gould, which are a wonderful introduction to Darwin and evolution, the works of Erasmus Darwin, Alexander v. Humboldt, John Herschel (I have not seen the original volumes), and White's History of Selborne (available in many different editions).


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