Faculty Resource Persons

Students, who are doing research on Charles Darwin, Darwinian theory, evolution, Darwinism, and related subjects in the sciences, humanities and business disciplines, may request guidance to pertinent literature and seek feed-back on ideas from the faculty resource persons (active e-mail links are given below).

Students must supply the following information accompanying any request:

  • Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Student ID Number
  • Course and teacher for whom assignment is being completed or other reason for your interest.

Myrna Chase
History of Ideas
David O'Brien
William J. Earle
Glenn Petersen
Cultural Anthropology
James F. Guyot
Public Affairs
Christopher Hallowell
Journalism & Natural History Writing
Susan Tenenbaum
Political Science
Bert W. Hansen
History of Medicine
Tony Tinker
Gary P. Hentzi
Late 19th Century English Novels
John H. Wahlert
Biology and Paleontology

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Last updated 5 June 2012 (JHW)