Trevor T. Moores

Director of the Subotnick Financial Services Center

Paul H. Chook Department of Information Systems & Statistics
Zicklin School of Business
Baruch College/CUNY

Trevor T. Moores is Professor of Information Systems and Director of the Subotnick Financial Services Center at Baruch College/CUNY.  •  He received a BA in Combined Studies (Arts), majoring in Philosophy and Psychology, from Sunderland Polytechnic (UK), an MSc in Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems from the University of Essex (UK), and a PhD in MIS from the University of Aston (UK).  •  He has taught a wide range of courses, from networking and cybersecurity to IS strategy. He was awarded the 2012 AIS Innovation in Teaching Award for the development of a business game to support the teaching of IS concepts.  •  His research interests are broadly in the area of the management and use of software, ranging from measures to control the development of conventional and knowledge based systems, to broader social issues, particularly in the area of IS ethics. His work has appeared in MIS Quarterly, Communications of the ACM, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Information & Management, European Journal of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Business Ethics, and others.

Teaching (recent):

CIS 3550 - Cybersecurity
CIS 9001 - IS for Managers: I
CIS 9002 - IS for Managers: II
CIS 9467 - Business Modeling w/Spreadsheets.

Research (selected):

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